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 Architecture / House Design Posted 2 months ago by akbar mahemoodmiya shaikh

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Shop No.03, Namaskar Chowk , Nanded 9096196620

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  • Contact Number : 9096196620
  • Type Of Work : Building Planing And Designing
  • Company Name : A. S. Construction & Company
  • Owner Name : akbar Shaikh
  • Experiences : 5 Year
  • Search By City : Nanded

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. I have to construct Home and also require interior work service. Do you provide contractor for only construction? Do you provide more service?

Ans: Yes, we provide 40 service construction, Whether you want to build a house or the work inside it, we all provide you, you will find a total A To Z Solutions In AXO-G.

Q2. AXO-G has 40 services. But if we want only one modular kitchen service, will we get it?

Ans: Yes, if you want any one of the 40 services, you will definitely get it.

Q3. AXO-G's services only are in Maharashtra. Is there any other place?

Ans: AXO-G is available in all cities of Maharashtra and India.

Q4.We are searching our service related contractor and we cannot find t, what are the solutions for that?

Ans: If you are searching for something in our website and you cannot find it, then you can call our customer care number 9307288585/8788570565. Our team will give you that information in few minutes.

Q5.Our time is going to search the profiles of many contractors, But we do not like any profile, Do you have any solutions?

Ans: Yes, you can call our customer care number 9307288585/8788570565, AXO-G will find you the best contractor with your choice with that contractor details.

Q6.In your advertisement, you said that you will save money and time. How is that possible?

Ans: our team provides you a contractor who does good work in your area, until you are not satisfied according to them.

Q7.Will you provide us contractor of Pune?

Ans: Yes, AXO-G services is available in many cities in India.

Q8.Will you be able to work at a lower rate?

Ans: Yes,We will definitely do it.

Q9. If a contractor quits work or runs away with money, what is the process for that?

Ans: This Not yet done in AXO-G, But if it happens then we will ban that contractor from our company and you must also make an agreement before finalizing the deal with any contractor.

Q10.Is AXO-G make any work related agreement?

Ans: No, you have to make it from a local lawyer.

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Shop No.03, Namaskar Chowk , Nanded 9096196620

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